Snowy 2.0 Main Works

Prepared for Snowy Hydro Limited


Glossary of terms

Table: Glossary
Term Definition
Accommodation camp Area used for temporary housing and facilities for construction personnel
Adit Temporary access tunnel for access to underground construction areas
Backfill Refill an excavated hole with the material dug out of it
Blind sink Excavating a vertical or near-vertical tunnel from the top down, where there is initially no access to the bottom
Boring / shaft boring Excavating a shaft downwards, usually from the surface
Cable yard Permanent site for the high voltage transmission connection from the NEM to Snowy 2.0
Capital investment value All costs necessary to establish and operate the project, including the design and construction of buildings, structures, associated infrastructure and fixed or mobile plant and equipment
Communications cable Fibre optic cable to provide a communications connection
Construction compound A temporary site used for construction ancillary facilities and laydown
Construction footprint / disturbance area The area subject to clearing and ground disturbance
Contractor Contractor engaged by Snowy Hydro Limited to construct the Snowy 2.0 Main Works
Drill and blast The controlled use of explosives to break rock for excavation
ECVT Emergency egress, cabling and ventilation tunnel
Excavated rock Hard, compacted, or cemented materials that have been removed using blasting or other excavation methods
Firming capacity Energy available within the network to respond to demand when other energy sources, such as intermittent renewables are not operating (due to low wind or low sunlight)
Gate shaft A shaft for the gate tower bored at the highest ground along the wet tunnel alignment, approximately 200 m away from the intake mouth
Generating mode When water flows from Tantangara Reservoir into Talbingo Reservoir, providing on-demand energy generation
Headrace surge shaft A shaft structure constructed from the surface and breaking through to the headrace tunnel, most likely using a blind sink method
Headrace tunnel The upstream tunnel between Tantangara Reservoir and the underground power station
Hydro-electric Generation of electricity using flowing water (typically from a reservoir held behind a dam or barrage) to drive a turbine which powers a generator
Intake gate A gate installed at the entrance of the headrace or tailrace tunnels to allow/stop water from entering the tunnels
Kosciuszko National Park A National Park protected under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and managed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. It covers an area of 673,543 hectares and forms part of Australia's only Alpine area
Laydown area An area for laydown and maintenance of construction plant, equipment and materials storage
Lobs Hole A remote campsite and former settlement location within Kosciuszko National Park
Lobs Hole Ravine Road The main access road to Lobs Hole
Marica camp Main Works accommodation camp at Marica
Marica Trail Access road to Marica
Portal Location of surface connection with the Main Works tunnel
Power station The 2,000MW underground pumped hydro-electric power station proposed for Snowy 2.0
Project area The area required to access and build project infrastructure, including surface and tunnel components of the project
Snowy 2.0 A pumped hydro-electric expansion of the Snowy Scheme that will link the two existing reservoirs of Tantangara and Talbingo through underground tunnels, and include a new underground power station with pumping capabilities
Snowy 2.0 Transmission Connection Project Project proposed by TransGrid to connect Snowy 2.0 with the existing high voltage transmission network subject to a separate application
Storage mode When water is pumped out of Talbingo Reservoir to Tantangara Reservoir, to provide large-scale energy storage
Surge shaft A hydraulic structure designed to control pressure and flow fluctuations in the tunnel
Tailrace surge tank An underground shaft structure off the tailrace tunnel west of the power station complex at the start of the tailrace tunnel
Tailrace tunnel The downstream tunnel between the underground power station and Talbingo Reservoir
Talbingo intake Water intake structure to be constructed at Talbingo Reservoir
Tantangara camp Main Works accommodation camp at Tantangara
Transformer An electromagnetic device used to change the velocity of ac electricity
Transmission The conveyance of electric energy
Turbine A machine which coverts the energy of water to mechanical energy
Variable renewable generation Intermittent renewable wind and solar energy sources that are non-dispatchable and fluctuating in nature
Water intake Structures at Talbingo and Tantangara reservoirs used to take water in and out of the headrace and tailrace tunnels

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